Sunday, April 19, 2009

Welcome to the Australian Ceramics Triennale

Welcome to the Australian Ceramics Triennale Blog!

The wonderful pots in our header are made by Australian potter Bronwyn Kemp.
"These vessels are meditations on on distant horizons and landscapes rendered vague and hazy by heat and light. Kemp draws on memory of these places to create evocative porcelain forms whose surface and glaze suggest the atmosphere and clouds, distant horizons and sweeping cartographic contours."(Stephen Bowers- Jamfactory, Adelaide, Australia)

Artists from Australian, UK, Korea, America and Japan will be descending on Sydney for the Triennale. This blog has been set up to give you a taste of the art, people and issues that will engage and excite the participants of the first Australian Ceramics Triennale.

The Australian Ceramics Triennale has invited art galleries and institutions to participate in this event by presenting exhibitions and collections during the month of July 2009. This four day conference is an opportunity to view the richness and diversity of contemporary ceramics with keynote addresses, panel discussions, trade fair and exhibition opportunities, workshops and demonstrations.

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