Monday, June 22, 2009

Meet the Speakers- Simone Fraser

"I want my work to have a beauty that speaks for itself. I want the viewer to experience the mystery within the surface, the balance and proportion of the form and the harmony that each piece engenders." from Simone Fraser's website

Australian ceramicist Simone Fraser will be speaking at the Australian Ceramics Triennale. Fraser's vessels encompass both the delicate and the muscular with their strongly thrown forms and intricate, sometimes gold encrusted surfaces. References to history, nature and a material sensuality combine in these intriguing vessels where examination draws you into the surface, across the the form revealing layers of colour and texture, the sense of hidden mystery about to be revealled nagging at the edge of conciousness, then slipping away through sheer delight in the object.

"While viewing her work it is too simplistic to attribute the artist's motivation to the mimicking of age-encrusted surfaces. Her surfaces - colour and texture - are new; a deliberate refinement based on the artist's unique aesthetic judgement. Her colours and textures have no reference point, no equivalent in ancient ceramics. In this sense her work is contemporary. At the same time she has chosen to develop forms that are referential to the vessel. "
"Simone Fraser's Vessels Forms" by Alan Peascod
Article from: Ceramics Art and Perception No. 60 2005 pp 47-49

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