Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A view from the studio with- Mel Robson

"My studio is the underneath of my home, a big old rambling QLD'er. It overlooks my back garden (a work in progress) and always distracts me from the job at hand, especially during winter when my hands are numb from swirling buckets of slip and I spy a little sunny spot out there to sit in, or a patch that needs weeding, or a seedling that needs watering, or some rocket that needs munching!"

Mel Robson is a Brisbane based ceramicist exploring memory, nostalgia and the stories embedded in everyday objects. Her slip cast, vessels and conceptual installations utilizing water cut old plates can be seen at 3 group exhibitions during the Australian Ceramics Triennale.

White Heat - Australian Ceramics Association Exhibition
12.06.2009 - 19.07.2009
Manly Art Gallery & Museum - Manly

Ceramic Revisions
30.06.2009 - 26.07.2009
Brenda May Gallery - Waterloo, Sydney
Pourers: functional vessels
11.07.2009 - 26.07.2009
Object Gallery - Surry Hills, Sydney

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