Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Come and see.........Pru Morrison's work at the Manly Gallery

“It’s Wednesday, the morning after Waynes big budget and the kiln’s firing.
Today I’ll have a go at constructing treasurer Swan in a pond with the body of a swan and the head of Wayne. I wonder if he’s a married swan, a gay swan, a promiscuous or chaste swan, or a busy swan with no time for swan love. The image is looking out of the studio onto the side street which leads onto the main road that goes over the story bridge into town. It looks quiet in this pic but its noisy always which makes a good soundscape for making a swan in a pond bearing gifts of flowers and a song for his beloved, whose identity needs researched. “
Pru Morrison's words and view..... May 2009

This is an image from Pru Morrison's studio. Pru is known for her skill in slip-casting and her wonderful (and sharp) sense of humour. Her work is a detailed melange of slip-casting, with incised and carved decoration incorporating funny and subversive images and text. See Pru Morrison's latest works as part of the "White Heat" exhibition at the Manly Gallery during the Australian Ceramics Triennale.

White Heat - Australian Ceramics Association Exhibition

12.06.2009 - 19.07.2009
Manly Art Gallery & Museum - Manly

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