Saturday, May 30, 2009

The view from the studio... with Sophie Milne

"It’s a factory and a workshop space. Industrial, familiar and oddly comforting. The view from my studio is often interrupted by a face peering in. A smile and a nod and my eyes return to the wheel. Music covers the occasional revving of the forklift and outside activity only serves to strengthen my focus on my work. I like it."

Sophie Milne is an Australian ceramicist based in Melbourne. This busy woman is also the curator of Pan Gallery. Sophie's beautifully thrown vessels are influenced by classic oriental shapes. The colours and scaffitto decoration however are absolutely contemporary. Sophie's exploration of environment has led her from the soft ochres and blues of the Australian bush.... her latest work exploring the urban environment and capturing the poetry of the electric wires that run like veins through our cities.

You can see Sophie Milne's latest work in "On the table too" during the Australian Ceramics Triennale
on the table too
09.07.2009 - 22.07.2009
Planet - Surry Hills, Sydney

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