Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my favourite pots...with Gerry Wedd

South Australian artist Gerry Wedd describes himself as "a potter producing functional pots,though occasionally my practice straddles design and the visual arts."

This is an extremely modest description of a practice that has ranged from producing teacups and domestic ware to.......

designing t-shirts and surfboards for iconic Australian brand Mambo, to recontextualizing blue willow ware into an incisive protest against the Howard goverment's treatment of refugees.

Gerry writes a great blog here
This is what he writes about his favourite pots.......

"The Daily Grind (the gift that keeps on giving)

These are my favourite cups. They were made by Phil Hart, ex- workshop head at the Jam Factory Craft and Design Centre. They don't get used every day but certainly most days. They are never taken for granted.
Maybe it's because I throw pots but every time I use these cups I imagine the making of them.The exaggerated throwing rings are imbued with the making;throwing that is confident, fluid and a little playful. They are nicely weighted and the perfect size for a double expresso. Phil weighs out the clay in equal proportions but gives in to the process resulting in quite a bit of variation in the rim profiles.I think he was probably listening to John Coltrane while making them."

See Gerry's work at the Australian Ceramic Triennale
"White Heat - Australian Ceramics Association Exhibition"
12.06.2009 - 19.07.2009
Manly Art Gallery & Museum - Manly

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