Friday, July 10, 2009

An introduction to "Tablewares- an international collection"

Jane Sawyer’s work is a contemporary interpretation of hakeme brushwork popularized through the Japanese mingei movement. She uses line in a loose gestural way which accentuates the soft form and also the very nature of creation of the pot.
The three "meager" elements, terracotta clay, white slip and clear glaze combine with the movement of the artists body and hands to create these powerful statements on the physical world. One thing I really admire about Jane Sawyer's work is that despite their abstract, sculptural quality these pots retain their original purpose by being usable tableware. In this way Sawyer’s pots are using form and brushwork to draw attention to the process of making but also in their tactility seduce the user to contemplate the process of using the pot.
Revel in the tactile joy of Sawyer's process in this film.........
See Jane Sawyer's work as part of a group show "Tablewares – an international collection"
This exhibition curated by Prue Venables and Gwyn Hansen Pigott promises to be fabulous with works by A great bunch of internationsl Clive Bowen , Takeshi Yasuda , Wally Keeler,
Richard Batterham, Jeff Oestreich, Linda Christianson, Chris Weaver and nine Australian artists.
“This is a selection of makers whose work excites us by its energy, inventiveness, and craftsmanship. Our aim is to celebrate and share with a broad audience the qualities of pots that are made to be used and handled and taken into our domestic lives – objects we get to know intimately, and whose qualities delight and nourish us over the years.” Gwyn Hanssen Pigott and Prue Venables
Tablewares – an international collection
14.07.2009 - 08.08.2009
Rex Irwin Art Dealer - Woollahra, Sydney

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