Friday, July 10, 2009

Watch out for...the Little People

Kenji Uranishi and Mel Robson met in 2006 when Kenji moved to Australia and found himself sharing studio space with Mel at Fusions Gallery in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. One day Kenji decided to try his hand at slip casting, and made the little people as a bit of an experiment and a bit of fun. When Mel saw them, she couldn’t resist finding them a little something to wear, and created their outfits using scraps of decals she had in the studio. The Little People were born!

Kenji and Mel began photographing them in all kinds of places and scenarios, and documenting their adventures on the blog Sandwich Mountain. Since then they’ve been skinny dipping on the beaches of North QLD, fought off crocodiles in the Daintree, swanned around the Venice Biennale, visited ancient castles in Japan, walked down Pennsylvania Avenue with Barack and Michelle Obama.

And things are about to get more exciting as The Little’s prepare for a visit, en masse, to Sydney for the Australian Ceramics Triennale. From July 10th to 26th the whole gang will be at Object Gallery. They’ll be making regular forays out into old Sydney Town and around the conference venues, so keep your eyes out for them. You just never know where they might turn up…

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