Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Many Facets of Woodfiring Academic Owen Rye

Owen Rye is an Australian ceramicist and has worked in many aspects of ceramics including archaeology, teaching postgraduate students, making and exhibiting woodfired work internationally, delivering workshops in Australia and the USA on woodfiring, curating Australian survey exhibitions, organising conferences, and writing books and articles for many ceramics magazines in Australia, England, Germany, and USA. His work is in the ANG and most state collections and many regional collections in Australia, as well as public collections in USA, China, Korea, Germany, and Japan. He is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics.

He sent me this lovely photo of a woodstack for the blog as he happens to like them very much. The woodstack combined with Owen Rye's favourite pot are sure to get wood firer's hearts racing!

To get to know the surreal facts of Owen Rye's illustrious career you can read from a chinese website that he.....
"He covered the creation of history from the 1960s to the 21st century a long time, is still using an independent creators of the gesture, to continue in his studio in the text, the ceramic creation."
"Owen Rye can persist for decades creation, to herein is aware of the fun!"
Rye has also been described as:
" of the very few ceramists who is equally articulate about clay as he is with it. He seems especially fascinated by an ongoing conundrum: information about his art and craft continually leads him to simultaneous states of understanding and mystification – a condition he perceives as delight. "
Jack Troy, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA June 9, 2007

Owen Rye is moderating what promises to be a lively discussion on education at the Australian Ceramics Triennale, featuring Janet Deboos, Bruce McWhinney and Shannon Garson from Australia, and Elaine Henry and Kim Dickie from the USA, this panel will examine issues such as the past and future of Australian ceramics; a comparison of the current state of ceramics in the USA and Australia; the role of institutions in ceramic education, workshops, residencies, apprenticeships and other ways of learning, and new methods of communication and their role in education.
Panel members will not give talks as such – discussion will focus on questions they consider important, and on questions raised by audience participants.
Education panel: Monday the 20th July

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